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Get real-time insight to reduces operational costs and improves customer services.

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How It Works ?

Start Tracking Your Vehicle In Simple 3 Steps.

Installation of tracker in Vehicle

Basic Tracker Details

Track Your Vehicle


GPS tracking system is a best way to track vehicle. It can be used by both commercial and private vehicles.

Remote Ignition ON/OFF

With our system, you can remotely switch on or switch off your vehicle ignition from your phone app.

Alerts/Messages Notifications

Granular insights on your vehicle operations along with instant alerts for delays, over-speeding, maintenance, geo-fences and critical conditions.

Monitoring Driver Behavior & Analytics

Intelligent driver scoring methodology, employs AI based scoring of metrics.

Control AC remotely

With gaddi24 gps, we can control AC of  car or taxi from phone, calculate its working hour in stop or running vehicle also.

Mobile App

A user friendly application which works on both, android and iOS platforms, to track your vehicles on-the-go.

Real Time Tracking

Instant vehicle position reports. Get your fleet information updated in real-time even as they move meter-by-meter.

Speed Monitoring

The speed of the vehicle can be regularly tracked to ensure the vehicle’s safety and well-being.

Geofence and landmarks

Creation of a virtual boundary in terms of fencing and sending alerts when your vehicles enter or leave a particular area/locality.

Real Time Tracking

Instant vehicle position reports. Get your fleet information updated in real-time even as they move meter-by-meter.

About Us

The best company in 2023

About Us

About TrackGaddi

TrackGaddi marks the beginning of a new path in Tracking Solutions-a path that is organized and makes tracking simple for every transporter and common man.

We deal in best quality GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions for personal and commercial vehicles, across all segments like Schools, Transport,Travellers, Hospitals,ships,Construction vehicle, Solar ,Events and many more.

Established in 2014, we at TrackGaddi are committed to making it easier for millions of transporters,travellers or even a common man to track and manage their fleet, at the right time for the right price – all at a click of a button. Founded and backed by high-tech industry professionals with IT and Engineer background and rich experience in building and growing technology ventures, we regularly update our systems and technology , to meet the era and customised requirements as per client usage and scenario. And this is what , which makes us different from others.

Perfect For

various use cases such as gps tracking, fuel tracking, theft alert, personal tracking, genset tracking, jcb tracking, taxi tracking, delivery vehicle tracking.

Educational Services and Schools

GPS tracking system that is used to track the location of school buses, allowing parents to be notified of their children’s location. 

Rent A car / Self Drive

Get Live Track and Stop for Taxi, Rental Car and Self Drive! This Vehicle Tracking System includes: Live GPS Tracker, Remote ignition ON/OFF from phone, AC monitoring from phone .

Beauty and wellness

We sell GPS tracking systems for saloon and spa industry. It can be used for business and personal usage which includes everything from monitoring the security in a saloon or hotel.

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