GPS for Bus

GPS trackers are available for both travellers bus as well as school bus . These trackers are designed to provide parents, school administrators, and bus drivers with information about the location, speed, and route of the bus, helping to improve safety and communication. Some benefits of using GPS trackers in buses include:

1.Improved Safety: GPS trackers can provide real-time information about the location and speed of the bus, helping to ensure the safety of students during transport.

2.Enhanced Communication: GPS trackers can provide real-time updates to parents about the location and status of the bus, helping to improve communication and reduce anxiety.

3.Better Route Management: GPS trackers can help optimize routes, reducing travel time and improving efficiency.

4.Increased Accountability: GPS trackers can help monitor the performance and behaviour of the bus driver, helping to increase accountability and reduce the risk of accidents.

5.Improved Emergency Response: In the event of an emergency, GPS trackers can provide critical information about the location of the bus, helping first responders to respond quickly and effectively.

6.Compliance: GPS trackers can help schools comply with regulations related to the transportation of students, such as school bus safety laws.

7.Video Surveillance- Gps tracker with camera for video surveillance of inside and outside bus as per need and two way or one way calling option also.