GPS tracking Solutions in the FMCG sector helps in streamlining operations, reducing overheads, and improving the bottom line by optimizing routes, enhancing inventory management, and maximizing resource utilization.

1.Temperature Monitoring – GPS Solutions can track temperature records based on location and movement to determine what portion of the shipment may be affected due to improper temperature. Ensure efficient route directions are provided based on current location, road conditions and destination so temperature-sensitive goods arrive on time in safe condition.

2.Driver Behavior and Safety – Ensure that safe driving behaviours are maintained by drivers in addition to making sure that proper food handling procedures are met. Use camera footage to review previous driving events based off of civilian complaints or driver-triggered incidents to exonerate and assign new training. Also be able to review whether drivers are properly handling the goods they are delivering by streaming feeds in real-time.

3.Dashboard Reporting and Services– Watch FSMA-Food Safety Modernization Act, compliance at a glance by monitoring a dashboard that encompasses driver behavior scores, current trailer temperatures, past temperature trends and more! In real-time, receive and see alerts when temperatures are beginning to change to unsafe levels with the option of dispatching a secondary vehicle to complete the remainder of the route or alert the driver of the issue.
Get overspeed alerts, rash driving alerts, sharp turn alerts and many more customized alerts according to industry.